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Beckett Great Sports Heroes: Michael Jordan (1995)



Hardcover in Very Good (VG) condition. 

After his son suffered a potentially dangerous concussion, high school and youth tackle Michael Jordan is without a doubt the greatest athlete ever to play the game of basketball. And BECKETT GREAT SPORTS HEROES: MICHAEL JORDAN is the ultimate tribute to the man with the legendary hangtime, trademark tongue, and dazzling smile....
Lavishly illustrated in full color and featuring insightful articles by professional sports writers and reporters from across the nation, this stunning volume covers Jordan's entire career in basketball.
--From the 1982 NCAA national championship to the unforgettable career with the Chicago Bulls that catapulted him to super-stardom.
--From the tragedy that contributed to his retirement from the game at thirty to his year and a half learning to tame the baseball diamond.
--From the dramatic announcement of his return to his meteoric rise back to NBA dominance.
Michaelmania is once again sweeping the country. Beckett Great Sports Heroes: Michael Jordan is a piece of history and commemoration of one of the country's--and the world's--finest athletes.