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Backlash Morris L. West



Softcover in Good Condition

The war was over . . . But it was a time of armistice, not peace. In the winter of 1945, Austria was in a land without leaders and withoug hope. To men like Major Mark Hanlon, Occupation Commander in the snowbound Alps, fell the task of destroying the stink of tyranny and death that the Nazis had left behind.

Major Hanlon had sought the appointment because he wanted to help. On all sides he found despair and resistance. He wanted to rule by law, not force. But his word was law and backed up by guns. And it was his job - and his duty - to rule.

In BACKLASH, as in his tremendous best sellers 'The Devil's Advocate' and 'The Shoes of the Fisherman', Morris West tells a vivid and exciting story which sweeps the reader into a dramatic involvement with the characters. And as in those two books he poses moral problems which give his novels an added measure of depth and impact.