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Ayurveda: Inspired Cooking for Your Individual Well Being by Anne Buhring



Flexibound in Very Good (VG) condition. 

Ayurveda, an ancient Sanskrit word that means "the knowledge of life", is a philosophy from India. Because Ayurveda speaks directly to human physical well being, it has inspired a style of cooking that has become increasingly popular in Europe and America. Ayurvedic cooking treats each person individually, helping each of us discover the specific combinations of food that are most healthful for us. This cooking style also inspires a wide variety of tasty dishes that appeal to sophisticated palates, as well as to food lovers who simply enjoy Indian cuisine. But sophisticated needn't mean difficult to prepare. This book's 55 Ayurveda recipes are clearly presented, easy to follow, and highlighted with 34 beautiful, full-page and full-color photos and nutritional charts. A glance at the inside covers and gatefolds shows readers text and charts that explain the philosophy underlying Ayurvedic cooking. But the heart of this volume is its intriguing recipes, which include tasty soups, the wonderfully creamy quinoa risotto, tempting zucchini dishes, an exquisite artichoke recipe, and vegetable-and-pasta combinations, many of which are enhanced with a variety of curries, also detailed in the book. Unusual in a cookbook of this kind is the extensive section on desserts, which include here a delicious mango ice cream, tasty hazelnut cookies, and delicate spiced fruit dishes.