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Are You Normal? by Bernice Kanner



Paperback in Very Good (VG) condition.

Find out how you fit into the American norm...

From sea to shining sea, Americans are remarkably alike, incredibly different, and just plain strange. In this clever, fun and fascinating peek into the private lives of real Americans, columnist Bernice Kanner shares a delicious slice of American pie with humorous facts like:

-Of the half of us who have pets at home, 45.5% allow them in the room during sex
-One out of every four ice cream orders is vanilla; only one in nine is for chocolate
-Four out of ten of us admit we've been so mad we've hurled footwear at another person
-60% of men spit in public
-One in ten people say they have seen a ghost
-Almost one quarter of us regularly check ourselves out in store windows and mirrors
-7 out of 100 Americans have flossed their teeth with their hair
-Over 27% of people skip ahead to find out what will happen in a book before they finish it

Now you can join the fun!