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Ark Angel (Alex Rider #6) by Anthony Horowitz (2006)

Paperback in Very Good (VG) condition. Clean and crisp. Please see our guide to book conditions for more details.


The sniper's bullet nearly killed him. But Alex Rider managed to survive . . . just in time for more trouble to come his way. When kidnappers attempt to snatch a fellow patient from the exclusive hospital where Alex is recovering, he knows he has to stop him. But the boy he saves is no ordinary patient: He is the son of Nikolai Drevin, one of the richest men in the world. The eccentric billionaire has been targeted by Force Three, a group of eco-terrorists who claim his project Ark Angel—the first luxury hotel in outer space—is a danger to the environment. Soon Alex discovers that Force Three will stop at nothing to destroy Ark Angel, even if it means sending four hundred tons of molten glass and steel hurtling down to Earth and killing millions . . . unless Alex can stop them.

Janice DeLong - Children's Literature

Alex Rider has just survived a sniper's bullet. Hospitalized, most teens would be content to concentrate on healing, but when Alex witnesses a murder and knows that a kidnapping is imminent, he swings into action—bandages not withstanding. Successful in thwarting the abduction, Alex immediately becomes the victim. Heart-stopping action follows, and eventually the young hero evades the killers and is rewarded by being swept away to a mysterious billionaire's estate for a time of rest and relaxation as a reward for saving the billionaire's son's life. However, even on a tropical island, trouble follows. Soon, the young orphan is, once again, the only hope of M16 and this time the CIA as well. Alex is a believable hero; his methods of escape are all possible, although hair-raising. As with each of the previous titles in the series, readers are propelled headlong into the action and love every minute of the ride. One succinct quote from the book sums up the young Englishman's status this way: "Alex Rider is the nearest thing the Brits have to a lethal weapon." This title is part of the "Alex Rider" series. Don't miss it. 2006, Philomel Books/Penguin, Ages 12 to 18.