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Amelia Bedelia #3: Road Trip by Herman Parish (2013)



Paperback in Fair+ condition. Creases on cover. Edges of pages are curled and folded over. Clean. Solid reading copy. Please see our guide to book conditions for more details.

Paperback in Fine (FN) condition. Looks new. 

Amelia Bedelia takes everything literally and that leads to all kinds of silly misunderstandings. Tripping over roads may not be your idea of fun, but for Amelia Bedelia a road trip is a true adventure! The best-selling and beloved housekeeper has been making readers laugh for more than fifty years. Amelia Bedelia has a warm and positive attitude and she has fun with language, vocabulary, and idioms. The Amelia Bedelia chapter books feature short, easy-to-read chapters, illustrations throughout, and Amelia Bedelia's can-do spirit. This is the third book in the chapter book series featuring the childhood of America's favorite housekeeper. The first book was called Amelia Bedelia Means Business and the second book was Amelia Bedelia Unleashed—and you don't have to read them in series order to enjoy them.