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Abby Fouchet #2 Aria in Ice Flo Fitzpatrick



Softcover in Good Condition


Location scout Abby Fouchet is on the hunt for a creepy gothic castle, and Kouzlo Noc, located on the outskirts of Prague, seems perfect. It's even got a tragic history—the castle is said to be haunted by the ghost of a legendary craftsman who made a flute for Mozart himself. For centuries, thieves have looted the castle to find the missing flute, leading to deadly consequences.

Even today, modern treasure hunters are equally ruthless in their search for the priceless instrument. Abby, aided by her second sight and her fiancé, Johnny Gerard, tries to end the history of bloodshed by unraveling the flute's mysterious past. But then murder strikes and a winter storm traps Abby and her companions in the castle—as a killer warms up for a deadly finale.