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Aarn Munro #1: The Mightiest Machine by John W. Campbell Jr. (1947)



Mass Market Paperback in Very Good (VG) condition. 

From Ace's series "Science Fiction From the Great Years."

A million light years from Earth, one solitary spaceship floats through a vast swarm of enemies. The ship was an experimental vessel from Earth that utilized a revolutionary new concept in space mechanics, developed by the near-superman Aarn Munro. The enemy vessels were wholly unknown to Mankind, for the new drive had taken the Terran vessel into an unmapped void, where not even the telescopes of Earth had ever penetrated before.

The Mightiest Machine is one of the first great space novels on which John W. Campbell built the career that took him to the top of the science fiction field. It is a classic of Science Fiction from the Great Years -- the stories that made science fiction famous in the first place, and still rank as thrilling entertainment today.