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A Hollis Morgan Mystery #5 The Bell Tolls R. Franklin James



Softcover in Good Condition

A Victim’s Vengeance

For probate attorney Hollis Morgan, the death of an elderly millionaire client, Mattias Bell, by heart attack seems like a routine matter. Except Bell has left behind four envelopes with instructions for Hollis to return them to four different people. The envelopes appear to contain blackmail items. Hollis already has suspicions when Bell’s housekeeper is arrested for murdering him. And she insists Hollis represent her.

Jumping into criminal law is a huge change for Hollis, a former felon herself, but she’ll do it to save an innocent woman from going to prison. Hollis has no doubt one of Bell’s blackmail victims is the real killer. Why else would they be doing their best to stay hidden? As she works to track down each victim, tragedy strikes. Now Hollis will need all her strength and focus to make sure justice is served…