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A Dipper Full of Stars by Lou Williams Page (1950)



Hardcover with in Good (G) condition. Water spot on title pages. Binding tight. See pictures for more details. 

Astronomy is the most fascinating of all hobbies. The enjoyment of the study of the stars can begin with earliest childhood and continue to grow with the years and the expanding knowledge of the universe.

The principle equipment required for the pursuit of this hobby is always ready for our use - "that Inverted Bowl we call the Sky." Among the tools which aid us in our exploration of the heavens are the book which contain the accumulated knowledge of the ages during which man has studied the stars.

Such a tool is A Dipper Full of Stars. Beginning with the Big Dipper, most of the important star groups of the Northern Hemisphere are located, and the myths concerning them are related. Many of the legends are those which originated with the ancient Greeks, who looked upon the sky as an "historical and religious picture book"; some are stories from American Indian lore.

In addition to a discussion of the principal star groups, A Dipper Full of Stars contain accounts of other universes than ours; of the sun and moon; of comets and meteors; and of Earth's neighbors in space - the other members of the sun's family of planets.

Interesting, informative, up-to-date, A Dipper Full of Stars is written in a clear, enjoyable style that suggests none of the drudgery usually associated with scientific study. Prepared at the junior-high-school level, A Dipper Full of Stars is a readable, reliable introduction to astronomy for any age.

Illustrated with 87 drawings and photographs.