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Spanking Watson by Kinky Friedman



Ex-Library Hardcover in Good (G) condition. Please see our guide to book conditions for more details.

Just as every dog must have its day, so must every Sherlock have his Watson -- even if the Sherlock in question resides in a downtown loft with an ill tempered cat, a perpetually smiling puppet head, and ceiling badly in need of repair, all thanks in no small part to the often-less-than-light-on-its-feet lesbian dance class held daily in the loft above. And just as misery loves company, so does Kinky Friedman, the erstwhile Sherlock in question, love his tormentors from above -- enough so that when someone sends a threatening missive to the head lesbian dance-person, Winnie Katz, Kinky, in a mood of forgive-and-forget, sets out to find the perpetrator and to save the day.

Of course, just as nothing is ever as it seems, so is Kinky "Ace Private Big Dick" Friedman, not quite so altruistic as he may appear -- for, in fact, it was the Kinkster himself who wrote the threatening note to Ms. Katz, and then called upon each of his ubiquitous Village Irregulars (the mighty Mike McGovern, the mercurial Ratso Sloman, the marvelous Stephanie Dupont, and the masterful Steve Rambam) to solve the mystery, and in the process give Kinky a first-rate opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of each of his would-be Watsons.

But just as it's not where you start but where you finish, so does Kinky soon find himself caught up in a conundrum of Sherlockian proportions when the bogus death threat turns suddenly, chillingly real -- and an actual killer steps forward to carry out Kinky's impotent threat.

And just as all things must end, so must this flap copy.