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The Lost Boy by Noel Hynd



Mass Market Paperback in Good condition. Please see our guide to book conditions for more details.

From the masterful author of Ghosts and The Prodigy comes a tale of gripping suspense in which the line between real and unreal, good and evil, is frighteningly blurred.In the small Connecticut town of Wiltshire, James Corbett, senior member of a local outlaw family, has been hideously murdered. For Ellen Wilder, editor of the local newspaper, the gruesome killing is as disturbing as the irrational fears that have suddenly woven themselves into her mind and left her doubting her own sanity. For state police detective Michael Chandler, whose haunting near-death experience has left him with an uncanny way of sensing things, the murder is only a hint of what is to come.

But nothing could have prepared either of them for the return of Franny Corbett. A hulking child of a man and the blackest sheep in a family of black sheep, his eerie presence may have ushered in all of these bizarre and frightening events. Soon the town of Wiltshire will be shaken again. For in a car sunk beneath the surface of a glimmering blue lake, floats another body. And the killing has just begun....