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Son of the Compleat Motion Picture Quiz Book: Or, 60,000 More Points about Motion Pictures, 30,000 for Buffs--30,000 for Duffers by Harry D. Trigg



First Edition Paperback in Good condition. Please see our guide to book conditions for more details. Great collectible!

Son of the Compleat Motion Picture Quiz Book or 60,000 more points about Motion Pictures~ The super-sequel to the biggest movie quiz book ever--and better than ever! Almost 200 brand-new quizzes, half for movie buffs and half for the duffers, by the authors of The Compleat Motion Picture Quiz Book. Questions like who danced with whom in different movies, who played different title roles, how did different movie stars die, plus crossword and diagram puzzles and a special section of super-challenging questions submitted by guest moie buffs. Each quiz is given in two versions--one for the beginner and one for the expert.