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The Best Book of Dinosaurs by Christopher Maynard (2005)



Paperback in Good (G) condition. Cover is folded at the corner slightly. Pages clean and straight. Please see our guide to book conditions for more details.

Grab your backpack and prepare to travel 65 million years into the past where an incredible variety of terrifying dinosaurs herd, lurk, or chomp their way through the vegetation. Startlingly powerful illustrations, informative captions, and a lively narrative reveal the exciting details of how dinosaurs lived -- whether it's a herd of Maiasaura mothers guarding their hatchlings from raiders, or a T-Rex ambushing a hapless Edmontosaurus, or scientists piecing together fossils in the search for clues about the dinosaurs' extinction. This information-packed picturebook makes an exciting gift and is a gripping introduction to the creatures that capture kids' imaginations. Includes a helpful illustrated glossary, index and pronunciation guide.