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The Mysterious Abigail Rose by Jeff T. Wright (2013)



Paperback in Very Good (VG) condition. Please see our guide to book conditions for more details.

Inscribed by Author! Hard to find. 

Come on a wild and sensational adventure with Abigail Rose, whose extraordinary friends cause more mayhem than a herd of stampeding elephants, as she must return to her father's manor to find his Potion and Spell's book - the very book he used to cast a spell on her as a child. However... her time is running out. She must use the spell before she turns one hundred years old.
You see - Abigail's father, Derek Von Haussler, was a warlock, born into a clan of witches that lived in a little village called Nome within the Austrian Mountains.
Derek's mother, Hilda had a great uncle by the name of Conrad Von Haussler, who was the Black Knight for the Austrian King, King Lenhard. While sailing back from England, after holding court with King Charles III, Conrad met a mystical sea creature who offered him a gift. When Conrad brought that gift back to Nome - it changed everything in that little village.
So what is the spell that Derek cast upon his young daughter, Abigail? And, who are these extraordinary friends of hers? Sit back and tuck yourself in for a fun-filled adventure - one you'll never forget.
This is a wonderful story for all ages...