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Electronic Brain Games: Sudoku Puzzles by Editors of Publications International (2009)

Condition Details: Spiral Bound book in Very Good (VG) condition. Does not include electronic pen.



Spiral Bound book in Very Good (VG) condition. Does not include electronic pen. Still useable book full of Sudoku puzzles. Clean. Please see our guide to book conditions for more details.

Electronic Brain Games: Sudoku Puzzles is part of a series of interactive books that helps you exercise your brain regularly to keep it in tip-top shape. You need a Brain Games interactive reader to engage Sudoku Puzzles. The reader, which recognizes text and images on the book pages, is sold separately as part of a package that also comes with the interactive books Brain Training and Picture Puzzles, plus a set of ear buds.

Sudoku Puzzles offers the popular puzzle format in an electronic environment that will please sudoku veterans and help out novices. Each puzzle in the book is presented in two forms:

  • As a standard sudoku—you can fill in the blanks using the mechanical pencil on one end of the Brain Games reader.
  • As a puzzle that you can interact with using the Brain Games reader to verify your answers or use as an answer key.

Touch the optic reader to the particular cell you wish to solve, and you hear the correct number for that cell. If you only want to know if you're choosing the correct number for a cell but don't want to hear the correct answer, you can touch the pen to a number on the Verify bar, then touch the cell where you think that number belongs. You'll hear either "That's right," or "Keep trying." You can also use the Brain Games pen to time yourself on each puzzle, with the option to pause the timer.

Electronic Brain Games: Sudoku Puzzles offers 120 sudoku puzzles, along with instructions for those not familiar with sudoku and strategies for those who are. Puzzles are grouped into five levels of difficulty. Sudoku Puzzles is spiral-bound and easy to handle, regardless of whether you're at home, traveling, or waiting in line.