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Electronic Brain Games: Crosswords by Ltd. Editors of Publications International (2009)



Spiral Bound book in Very Good (VG) condition. Does not include electronic pen. Still useable book full of Crossword puzzles. Clean. Please see our guide to book conditions for more details.

Crosswords presents a time-honored puzzle format in an electronic environment that will please crossword puzzle veterans and help out novices. Each puzzle is presented in two forms on adjacent pages:

As a standard crossword in which you can fill in the blanks using the mechanical pencil on one end of the Brain Games reader. As a puzzle that you can interact with using the Brain Games reader to verify your answers or use as an answer key.

Point the optic reader to the crossword square that is stumping you, and hear the answer through the ear buds. Or, if you think you know the answer, point to it on the Verify bar and then hear whether you are correct. Working crossword puzzles is known to build the following skills:

Language Creative Thinking Memory Concentration

Electronic Brain Games: Crosswords offers 61 crossword puzzles at five levels of difficulty. The book is spiral-bound and easy to handle, regardless of whether you're at home, traveling, or waiting in line.