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France, A Love Story (Women write about the French Experience) by Camille Cusumano (2004)



Paperback in Fine (FN) condition. Please see our guide to book conditions for more details.

France has long captured the imagination of Americans. For some women, a love of France and all things French started when they were schoolgirls tackling one of the most seductive tongues. For others the attraction came later when, drawn to what many consider the world’s most exalted culture, they made summer trips or even moved there, learning much about this beguiling country along the way.
In this beautiful collection, women explore their firsthand experiences with the people, landscape, flavors, history, art, culture, and character of this enchanted land. Featuring a delightful mix of perspectives—from M.F.K. Fisher’s first days in Dijon and Janet Flanner’s account of post-War Paris to the contemporary prose of Amanda Hesser—this book is sure to strike a chord with Francophiles everywhere.

Wild boar and mad Englishmen / Kay Sexton --
The mother of vinegar / Margaret Judge --
Long ago in France / M.F.K. Fisher --
The fisher baron's secret / Diane LeBow --
Digging Dordogne / Erika Lutz --
A prenuptial visit to Chartres / Dalia Sofer --
Paris can wait / Lori Oliva --
Madame Michel / Susan M. Tiberghien --
Paris revisited / Constance Hale --
Paris noir / Monique Y. Wells --
André / Alice Kaplan --
Foie gras dreams / Melinda Bergman Burgener --
Liberté / Valerie J. Brooks --
My humbling chateau / Kate Adamek --
Paris lip / Ayun Halliday --
The source of the Seine / Georgia Hesse --
Searching for Cèpes / Susan Fox Rogers --
A change in Le Havre / Ginger Adams Otis --
Comfort me with apples / Ruth Reichl --
Beaujolais nouveau / Mary Schattenberg --
The pleasures of the table / Camille Cusumano --
My French fetish / Lisa Solod --
The dirt on French service / Rikke Jorgensen --
Food to which Aunt Pauline and Lady Godiva led us / Alice B. Toklas --
Speaking French / Judy Kronenfeld --