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Marika by Andrea Cheng (2002)



Hardcover in Good (G) condition. Name written on inside cover. Pages are clean and tight. Please see our guide to book conditions for more details.

Marika has a Jewish heritage but shes a practicing Catholic. Although her father says religion is unimportant, he advises her not to act “so Jewish.” Its not a good time to be Jewish in Budapest. Marika has heard bits and pieces about the war, and knows about bad things happening to Jews in other countries. But shes convinced that those horrible acts cannot happen near her home. Shes more concerned about surviving her parents separation. By the time Marika is 11 years old, she has helped her father and uncle forge identity papers that will “prove” they are not a Jewish family. When Hungary is eventually occupied by the Nazis, Marika and her mother are taken away to a school where all Jewish people are gathered. Marikas father bribes a man to buy her freedom but not her mothers. Marika escapes, having forgotten to warn her mother not to volunteer for the work camps. The Jewish Holocaust in Budapest is characterized by its late and swift occurrence. Marikas story reflects these tragic events.