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Thunder Point by Jack Higgins (1993)

Condition Details: Hardcover with DJ in Good condition.




1945. Thunder Point opens at the Fuhrer Bunker in Berlin, the day before Adolf Hitler's suicide. The Fuhrer arranges for Reichsleiter Martin Bormann to flee Germany by air to Norway, where a German U-boat waits to take him to South America....

1992. Sean Dillon, the elusive terrorist from Eye of the Storm, is facing a firing squad in war-torn Yugoslavia. He is saved at the last minute by his old nemesis, Brigadier Charles Ferguson - head of Group Four, the British prime minister's personal action unit. In exchange for his salvation, Dillon must take on a "black job" for Ferguson in the Caribbean. The wreck of the German U-boat has been discovered at Thunder Point, off St. John in the American Virgin Islands. In the U-boat is a diary kept by the captain, as well as the contents of the watertight briefcase Martin Bormann had with him on that fateful trip. The papers not only name important members of the British establishment and Parliament who were Nazi sympathizers, but also contain the Windsor Protocol - a document signed by the Duke of Windsor himself in which he undertook to ascend the British throne on the successful invasion of Britain by German forces in 1940. Ferguson and the prime minister are determined that Britain and the royal family be spared the horrific embarrassment of these discoveries. But other individuals, including someone high within the British government itself, are determined to find out the secrets of Bormann's briefcase for their own sinister reasons.

Sweeping from England to the Caribbean and back with ever-growing momentum, Thunder Point brings together a remarkable set of heroes and villains in the most desperate struggle of their lives.