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Bloodline of the Holy Grail: the Hidden Lineage of Jesus Revealed by Laurence Gardner (2003)



Hardcover in Good (G) condition. Please see our guide to book conditions for more details.

This international bestselling book now updated and published by MediaQuest as an 'Author's Special Edition' hardback, includes an expanded text with additional information, updated genealogical charts and colour plates.

From royal and suppressed archives comes proof of the descending heritage of Jesus in the West. Penetrating new light is cast upon the Grail Code of Service and the venerated feminine element, abandoned by the Church in order to forge a male dominated society.

Featuring all the charm and adventure of Arthurian romance, this worldwide bestseller also has a cutting edge of political intrigue, which removes the contrived blanket of established dogma to reveal one of the greatest historical conspiracies ever told.