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The Spinner by Doria Piserchia (1980)



Hardcover in Very Good (VG) condition. Please see our guide to book conditions for more details.

Sci-Fi Book Club Edition.

On a near-future Earth, an illegal transdimensional drilling machine called the Rumson Bore is prospecting energy sources when it accidentally digs up an alien creature, Mordak. Angry at being awakened from hibernation, it crosses over to Earth to exact revenge on its tormenters, then becomes trapped there. The world it emerges into is so troubled that its presence is initially barely noticed. People are too busy with their own problems. But as Mordak begins to spin webs, the city, the country & eventually the world begin noticing. No one can agree on what to do or who should do it. The city is left to its own resources. This place is filled with misfits, the discarded sick & elderly, the disabled, the mentally ill, human predators, cannibals, mutants, cowards & traitors. Parts of the story are told from the point of view of Mordak, who aside from his anger isn't totally a monster & has other concerns such as being the father of a new Spinner generation.
The plot can be hard to follow, jumps around a lot &, because of the confused state of many of the citizens, it's hard to tell what's real & what's imagined. The story is a good one, with the city's only hope being a group of people discarded by society, living in hidden caves. They rescue some of the helpless & exact poetic justice on a human predator. They fight Mordak, who doesn't expect his prey to be smarter than he is. The ending is satisfying.--Terran Trader