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The Last Days of America by Paul Emil Erdman (1981)



Paperback in Very Good (VG) condition. Please see our guide to book conditions for more details.

In a spellbinding novel as real as today's headlines and as riveting as 'The Crash of '79', Paul Erdman takes the reader into the world of high finance, megabusiness and international politics, in which an American businessman, a big American corporation - and finally America itself - get drawn into the vortex of European diplomacy, high-level corruption and dreams of power, and go down the drain.

At the centre of this breathlessly paced story is Frank Rogers, President of a California aerospace company, who makes a last minute dash to Europe to secure a multibillion missile program and finds himself dealing with a twenty million dollar slush fund, a bribery plot involving a Swiss lawyer who plays both ends against the middle, several NATO generals, a Chancellor of Germany and his own chairman of the board.

Very soon, Rogers is on the run, a man on everybody's "wanted" list, whose ambition is to reach a country from which he can't be extradited, while his flight sets off a chain of circumstances that can bring to an end the last days of America's position as a major world power.