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Xpd by Len Deighton (1981)



Hardcover in Very Good (VG) condition. Please see our guide to book conditions for more details.

Len Deighton's brilliant new masterwork of intrigue and suspense carries the reader, with a pace that never once flags, from the mansions of Beverly Hills to the back streets of King's Cross, from Lake Geneva to the Baltic Sea, until it reaches a characteristically ingenious and unexpected climax on a film set of the Fϋhrer's study under the shadow of a Nazi eagle.

June 11, 1940:

Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of Great Britain, took off in a pirvate aircraft from a small town in central France. His destination: a deserted airfield near the Belgian border. His mission: a clandesitne meeting with the would-be conqueror of Europe, Adolf Hitler.

Summer 1979.

A stolen World War II document kept secret since then is about to surface, propelling the most ruthless secret agents of Great Britain, America, Germany, and the Soviet Union into a desperate battle of wits and violence. Anyone who learns of the paper must die, his file stamped XPD: expedient demise.

Len Deighton is a master of cunning. No-one explores with greater ingenuity or such wry skill the world of double-dealing and conspiracy, of treachery and deceit. With its expert interweaving of fact and invention, its wheels-within-wheels of mystery and surprise, XPD is a supreme example of his craft.