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A Crime Story by Jay Robert Nash (1981)



Hardcover in Very Good (VG) condition. Please see our guide to book conditions for more details.

Hard to find First Edition. 

The crime takes place late one night in the mansion of Illinois Governor-elect Maitland Ashmore. His only son, Day, is bludgeoned to death, gruesomely slaughtered in his own bed. This is a textbook murder—no witnesses, no apparent motives, not a single clue. Or so it seems. This is a crime only a sharp, calculating mind could have planned. And only a true student of crime can solve.
Jack Journey is that student. Author of a syndicated crime column, he is intimately familiar with all the famous crimes of the past. But when Governor Ashmore asks him to act as press liaison on the case, Journey is thrust into the middle of an all-too-real crime of the present. Soon it is clear that Journey must do more than simply record the facts of this case in his column. He must find the killer in order to protect his own life.
Intricately plotted and paced, A Crime Story takes us through a thrilling maze of twists and turns. Jay Robert Nash has created a world where there is danger in even the most innocent encounter, mystery behind every closed door. Rarely has an author lent such convincing authenticity to a novel of mystery and suspense.