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Down There by the Train: A Novel by Kate Sterns (2004)



Paperback in Fine/Like New (FN) condition. Please see our guide to book conditions for more details.

Packed with magic and metaphorical brilliance, Down There by the Train is a witty and wistful gothic romance by a writer of exceptional talent.

Levon Hawke is a kind, gentle fellow who has been in prison due to a hapless and almost comical misunderstanding. The first thing he does upon being paroled is head to his old friend Sweeney’s diner. There Hawke considers his cousin’s offer to work in his bakery on a nearby small island with a suspect history. Lulled by Sweeney’s stories and the comfort of the diner, Hawke misses the only ferry. But provisioned with doughnuts and a map, he sets out anyway across the frozen part of the lake, alone and in failing light.

A ruined house, deep in a dark forest, is the first thing he sees after stumbling ashore on the wrong end of the island. It is the glimmer of light beneath the door that brings him closer. Inside he meets tall, redheaded Obdulia Limb, grieving for her mother, ten years dead. Drawn in by Obdulia’s overbearing father and her octogenarian femme fatale of a stepmother, Hawke tries to resist their scheme to involve him in a comic yet gruesome conspiracy to cure Obdulia of her sorrow. But love has other plans for him.