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Where God Begins to Be: A Woman's Journey into Solitude by Karen Karper (1994)



Paperback in Very Good (VG) condition. Please see our guide to book conditions for more details.

"In her inspiring, vividly composed and always faithful book" (Susan Muto), Karen Karper describes a world where life is rich in "being" rather than in "having." Selected as a Catholic Book of the Month, "Where God Begins To Be" fulfills Murray Bodo's observation that ..".instead of myth fabricated from a few fragments, we have here the details--the nitty-gritty, muddy details--of a hermit's daily living." Karen is a "Seer who brings you along with her, joyfully." (Richard Rohr) "In deftly drawn vignettes, Karper's story, told with simplicity and gentle honesty, is one of faith deepening, beauty awakening, and love discovered." (Gerald May)