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Death on the Aegean Queen (A Dotsy Lamb Travel Mystery) by Maria Hudgins (2011)



Mass Market Paperback in Very Good (VG) condition. Please see our guide to book conditions for more details.

A cruise to sunny Greece hits dangerous waters, and vacationing history professor Dotsy Lamb is along for the ride. But when a car salesman from Indiana disappears overboard, leaving a blood trail on the deck, Dotsy can't help but feel personally involved. She's traveling with her best friend, whose husband lost the couple's travel money playing poker with the victim before he died. Now he's the prime suspect.

Panic grows when the ship's photographer is murdered during a day of sightseeing in beautiful Mykonos. Dotsy, who's convinced there's more to both victims' lives—and tragic deaths—than meets the eye, uncovers some very unsavory elements in the salesman's past. Is there a connection to a stolen cache of priceless antiquities on board the Aegean Queen? And can she solve these crimes before the pleasure cruise—and Dotsy—are completely sunk?