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COMPLETE SET: The Nurse's Bodyguard / Risk of Falling by Melanie Mitchell (Aug 2014)



Paperback set in Very Good (VG) condition. Please see our guide to book conditions for more details.

Packaged together by Harlequin in August 2014. 

Risk of Falling
She's got thirty days to clean up her mother's neglected home or she'll lose it. That's all city code inspector Will Stone has given her. And it's not nearly long enough for Suzy Bylin to sort through the lifetime of broken keepsakes she's inherited.
Desperate to keep the place, Suzy must steel herself against the feeling that every time she throws something away, she's getting rid of a memory of her mum. When she can no longer do it on her own, she has nobody to turn to but Will. And if she can help him through his own family crisis, maybe together they can find more than mutual support and friendship...

The Nurse's Bodyguard
Claire Olsen has been in Seoul, South Korea, for only one month. She doesn't know anyone - aside from her roommate and her colleagues at the medical centre - and she certainly doesn't know why someone would attack her. Desperate to forget about the mugging, Claire tries to focus on her nursing, but one man won't let her hide from the truth.
Naval intelligence officer Luke Llewellyn is determined to keep Claire safe. But finding out why she's been targeted means helping Claire unearth the secrets of her past. And following his heart means trusting Claire with his own secrets...