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Victorian Garden Album by Elizabeth/Lewis,Philippa Drury (1995)



Hardcover in Fine/Like New (Fn or F) condition. Please see our guide to book conditions for more details.

First Edition. 

The Victorian Garden Album is a delightfully nostalgic portrayal of the old-fashioned English garden. Season by season, different aspects are revealed: spring flowers, the herbaceous border in summer, autumn dahlias and chrysanthemums, Christmas swags, and holly and ivy; window boxes and sundials, hammocks and pergolas; ferneries and conservatories. We glimpse the order of the Victorian kitchen garden and the profusion of the cottage garden.

Bringing the past to life with immediacy and freshness, the album is richly illustrated with gardening ephemera and all things once familiar to the gardener: seed packets, flower show schedules and prize certificates, nurserymen's bills, photographs and picture postcards, catalogues of garden furniture and garden implements, invitations to tennis and garden parties, magazines and books--as though straying into the potting shed or opening the drawer of a gardener's desk in Victorian times.