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How to Do Bead Work by Mary White (1972)



Paperback in Good (G) condition. Please see our guide to book conditions for more details. Clean and tight but the laminating is starting to peel off the cover. 

How to Do Beadwork is a fundamental book on the craft, covering every aspect in full, not only patterns and operations but selection of materials — which beads to use, what type of thread, even what size needle. The very lucidly organized text starts the reader off with the simplest projects to complete, five bead chains (some with tassels), and works up gradually to woven works. For weaving beads, instructions are first given for constructing a good, basic loom from a few simple objects, and then directions are detailed for eighteen different chains, various patterned fobs, three belts, and an interesting card case. A slightly more complicated process of weaving follows, diagonal weaving without a loom, and many items to be made in this way (including a particularly beautiful purse with butterfly design) are fully described and illustrated step by step.
There are also projects for those familiar with needlepoint or other canvas work, like handsome bags with fringe, and if you knit or crochet there are half a dozen evening bags and purses you can bead. Also included are directions for making lampshades, including an interesting pattern derived from a Sudanese costume; hangings; and decorating burlap curtains. And there is a special chapter devoted to projects for children: an easy-to-make loom for weaving belts, chains, etc., and simple and well-illustrated directions for chamois shirt and bead trim, moccasins, five bead chains, etc. For those interested in the history and ethnography of the craft, Miss White discusses the beadwork of the primitives, concentrating on the artifacts of the North American Indian (many of which are pictured), but also paying attention to the work of such cultures as the Egyptian and Eskimo.
Whether you're a craftsman looking for new and exciting projects, a devotee of Indian arts, or a parent eager to find suitable home activities for rainy days, How to Do Beadwork is a treasury of delights. Even the novice can create colorful and interesting designs with the right assortment of beads, thread, needle, and the carefully laid out patterns and easy-to-follow instructions provided in this book.