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Stardust on My Pillow: Stories to Sleep On by Patsy Clairmont (2000)



Hardcover in Fine/Like New (FN or F) condition. Please see our guide to book conditions for more details.

Best-selling Author and Beloved Storyteller Patsy ClairmontTakes an All-New Approach to Her Message of Encouragement, Healing, and Hope.

From "Boxed In," the story of a woman making a startling discovery about a distant aunt she never really knew, to "Cloistered," the tale of a severely phobic woman being gently wooed back into life, popular speaker and writer Patsy Clairmont has crafted a beautiful and impressive first collection of short fiction.

Through the fourteen tales featured in Stardust on My Pillow, Patsy sensitively explores the themes of compassion and kindness, holiness and hope, while providing beautifully written inspiration for all of us who desire to spread a little stardust of our own.

"Patsy Clairmont has a sensitive and compassionate voice as a storyteller."
-Francine Rivers, author

"I rarely read fiction, but when I do it had better be good. Well, let me tell you, friends, this is good. It incorporates Patsy's extraordinary communication skills with her unique ability to weave a charming and fantastic story. Plan to stay up late and be dazzled by stardust."
-LuciSwindoll, author and speaker

"Like a vase holding a spring bouquet, Patsy's book holds a wonderful variety of stories, each one with emotional color and a lingering fragrance all its own."
-Ken Gire, author

"As endearing as Patsy herself, these honest, poignant tales bring home messages of grace, truth, and above all, hope."        
-Liz Curtis Higgs, author and speaker

"Patsy's short stories are sure to warm your heart and soul. Simply one of the most delightful reading experiences I've had in a long time."
-Shelley Breen, Point of Grace

Short Stories to Bolster Your Spirit

Petite, playful, and profound. These words help to describe Patsy Clairmont's size, message, and humor. Gifted with both a quick wit and a sure command of God's Word, Patsy can simultaneously bring laughter to her audiences while imparting deep, life-changing insights.

Known today as a best-selling author and popular speaker who addresses thousands of women at national conferences, Patsy once suffered as a prisoner in her own home because of agoraphobia (fear of open spaces). Her experience has given her a deep appreciation of God's healing power.

In Stardust on My Pillow, Patsy courageously and skillfully breaks new ground, offering her message of God's grace for the first time through the medium of short fiction. In fourteen touching and tender tales, she explores the mystery and faithfulness of God's goodness and love, as experienced and demonstrated by his people.