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Nutri-Cures by Alice Feinstein (2009)



Hardcover in Fine (F or FN) condition. Please see our guide to book conditions for more details.

Among natural therapies, nutritional remedies--foods and supplements--remain the most popular choices by far. It's easy to understand why: They're readily available, easily affordable, and virtually free of side effects.

But choosing the best remedy for a particular condition can be a challenge even for nutrition-minded consumers. Which is more effective, foods or supplements? What's the proper dosage? Can certain nutrients negate each other or interfere with medications?

NutriCures answers these and other questions as it reveals the most potent healing nutrients for a host of health concerns, including back pain, dry eyes, insomnia, psoriasis, and sinusitis.

Turn to NutriCures for:

- unbiased reporting of the "state of the science" in nutritional therapy

- practical strategies for getting the most from healing foods and supplements

- clear dosage instructions, plus vital information on possible nutrient-drug interactions