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Anarcho Grow - Pura Vida in Costa Rica by T. A. Sedlak (2010)



Paperback in Very Good (G) condition. Please see our guide to book conditions for more details.

Collectible signed by author!

During college, Ben Starosta had done volunteer work in a small community in Costa Rica. Later, he returns, thinking he can help the people more through other means. He introduces them to guerrilla growing, clandestine outdoor marijuana cultivation, and as the pot's shipped to the United States for top dollar, the community's prospering. However, the C.I.A. soon catches wind and heads down for a look around.

Enter T.A. Sedlak’s stunningly vivid portrait of Latin America. A world of iridescent birds, fruit farmers, tight pantsed ticas, and piratas. Learn the meaning of Pura Vida, the importance of hockey bags, and what goes on at the infamous Hotel Del Rey. Sit back, turn on the Volcano, and learn for yourself where Anarcho Grow will lead.

"Anarcho Grow is an engaging story of love, political intrigue and utopian hopes. It is eminently readable and emotionally compelling." — Howard Zinn

"Anarcho Grow is a gripping and entertaining novel of Latin America, highly recommended."— The Midwest Book Review

"T.A. Sedlak's Anarcho Grow is the best marijuana adventure novel since T. C. Boyle's Budding Prospects... a quick, compelling read."— Steve Bloom, former editor of High Times and current editor of CelebStoner.ocm