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Copy Kat (Kat Colorado, #4) by Karen Kijewski



Mass Market Paperback in Good (G) condition. Please see our guide to book conditions for more details. 

You can't outrun sorrow - the old saying follows private eye Kat Colorado when she takes an undercover assignment to flee the nightmares stemming from a homicide she committed in self-defense. P.I. Kat becomes bartender Kate as she explores the mystery surrounding the death of Deidre Durkin, the bar owner's wife. Charmed by her boss's sexy, lopsided smile and touched by his palpable grief, Kat learns that many people in town wonder if Matt Durkin killed Deidre, although the cops closed the case as a robbery/murder. Nothing's what it seems in this picturesque place. Was the dead woman a chameleon, shedding personalities with an eerie ease? Just how grief-stricken is her husband? Is Deidre's sister a loving wife or a woman twisted with bitterness and loss? And the man at the bar - what was on his mind? Just another drink? Or something more deadly? When she confronts a clever killer, Kat must face the darker side of the human heart - not only in the murderer, but in herself.