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44 Irish Short Stories. An Anthology of Irish Short Fiction from Yeats to Frank O'Connor by Devin A. Garrity


Hardcover with DJ in Very Good (VG) condition. 

The Irish have always had a way with words. Long ago they took on a language not their own and learned to re-word it into pure magic. Nowhere is this magic more in evidence than in their short stories — stories that combine lyricism, humor and tragedy with rare imagination set in simple backgrounds, largely without props.
The seemingly effortless art of the best Irish writers has an appeal that is naive and highly sophisticated at the same time; the disarming simplicity with which the tales are spun being somewhat misleading at first reading.
In this anthology there are gathered, for the first time in America, some of the more representative examples of Irish short fiction. The emphasis is on variety. All are a delight to read. All have universal appeal. Only 21 of the 44 have previously been published in this country.

She went by gently by Paul Vincent Carroll
The islandman by Desmond Clarke
The lady on the grey by John Collier
The awakening by Daniel Corkery
The return by Daniel Corkery
Saint Bakeoven by Eric Cross
The kith of the elf-folk by Lord Dunsany
The burial by St. John Ervine
Something in a boat by Padraic Fallon
Miss Gillespie and the micks by Arnold Hill
The leaping trout by David Hogan
Araby by James Joyce
Counterparts by James Joyce
Football by Patrick Kavanagh
The story of the widow's son by Mary Lavin
"All the sweet buttermilk..." by Donagh MacDonagh
Duet for organ and strings by Donagh MacDonagh
Myself and a rabbit by Michael MacGrian
The wild duck's nest by Michael McLaverty
Father Christmas by Michael McLaverty
The plain people of England by Bryan MacMahon
The cat and the cornfield by Bryan MacMahon
Julia Cahill's curse by George Moore
The world outside by Val Mulkerns
The devil and O'Flaherty by Padraic O'Conaire
The drunkard by Frank O'Connor
The majesty of the law by Frank O'Connor
Teresa by Sean O'Faolain
Persecution mania by Sean O'Faolain
The hawk by Liam O'Flaherty
The tent by Liam O'Flaherty
Michael and Mary by Seumas O'Kelly
Nan Hogan's house by Seumas O'Kelly
The martyr's crown by Brian O'Nolan
Bell wethers by Jim Phelan
Weep for our pride by James Plunkett
The miraculous revenge by George Bernard Shaw
The black mare by Edward Sheehy
Schoolfellows by James Stephens
A rhinoceros, some ladies and a horse by James Stephens
Come back, my love by Maurice Walsh
The happy prince by Oscar Wilde
Red Hanrahan by William Butler Yeats
Where there is nothing, there is God by William Butler Yeats