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Calligraphy: A Practical Handbook for the Beginner by Muriel M. Parker



Hardcover with DJ in Good (G) condition. Please see our guide to book conditions for more details.

Calligraphy: A practical handbook of the beginner is a detailed, easy-to-follow guide for anyone who wants to learn the beautiful and ancient art of calligraphy. Muriel M. Parker shows in a step by step manner how one can progress from "chicken scratch" handwriting to an elegant and fluid italic hand. By breaking down the italic letters used in calligraphy into simple units, Murial taker the terror out of leaning calligraphy techniques. If you always thought that beautiful handwriting was an impossibility, Muriel will prove you wrong. Starting with a familiar fine-tip felt pen, the lessons progress from uncomplicated tracing to a discussion of italic pens and their nibs-how- to fill them and hold them correctly.