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Marilyn: The Last Take by Brown, Peter Harry (1992)



Hardcover with DJ in Very Good (VG) condition. Black remnant line on bottom edge of pages. Please see our guide to book conditions for more details.

First Printing. 

At last, the true and complete story of Marilyn Monroe's final days can be told. This riveting, headline-making, myth-shattering book, based on thousands of newly discovered documents, hours of newly available footage from her final film, and over 300 revealing new interviews, is a detailed and astonishing account of what really happened during the last fourteen weeks in the life of Hollywood's legendary sex goddess. Recreating the drama of a bygone era of glamour and intrigue, it presents compelling evidence that Marilyn Monroe was the victim of two conspiracies that, together, brought about her professional and personal downfall: an elaborate scheme on the part of a once-mighty film studio teetering on the brink of bankruptcy; and an even more sinister plot masterminded by America's First Family. Among the shattering, totally authenticated revelations: the searing details of Marilyn's affairs with John Kennedy and Robert Kennedy, including her famous birthday song to JFK and her final series of rendezvous with RFK; how Marilyn was sabotaged by executives of 20th Century-Fox and psychologically shredded on the set by a predatory pack led by vengeful director George Cukor; how the cruel competition between Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor sealed Marilyn's fate with the studio bosses; the role the FBI, CIA, and Secret Service played in blanketing the scene of her death and in the disposal of her private papers and personal effects; and why the accidental overdose theory cannot stand. Just as affecting as these and other eyeopening new facts is the way that Marilyn herself comes to life again. Marilyn, confidently in love, not hesitating to phone her powerful lover when he was with his wife. Marilyn, the ultimate professional, an actress at the peak of her talent and beauty. Marilyn without makeup, fresh and funny and unspoiled. Marilyn, tormented by her past and her private demons, seeking escape in alcohol and pills, and release in her art.