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Touchpoints: Your Child's Emotional and Behavioral Development, Birth to 3 by T. Berry Brazelton

Condition Details: Paperback in Very Good condition.



Based on over three decades of continuous practice and internationally recognized research, Touchpoints is the only childcare reference by a pediatrician who has both medical and psychoanalytic training, and who offers parents a complete understanding of child development from a physical, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral point of view. No other childcare guide offers supportive, empathetic insights into the parents' own emotions, and no other guide includes both chronological chapters and alphabetical topics on all issues faced by families from conception through age six."Touchpoints" are the universal spurts of development and the trying periods of regression that accompany them throughout childhood. Dr. Brazelton uses them as windows to help parents understand their child's behavior and prevent future problems. PART "Touchpoints of Development" is a vivid chronological account of the basic stages of early childhood. Every chapter feeding; crying; temperament; social learning; stranger awareness; discipline; sleeping; learning; emotions; independence; self image; sexuality; communication; motor skills; attachment; play; self-esteem; toilet-training. PART "Challenges to Development" is a complete alphabetical reference. Each entry shows how to understand, defuse, and prevent potential problems such allergies; bedwetting; crying; depression; discipline; divorce; fears; feeding problems; headaches; hearing problems; hospitalization; hyperactivity; hypersensitivity; imaginary friends; loss and grief; lying and stealing; manipulation; nightmares; school readiness; self-esteem; separation; sibling rivalry; sleep problems; speech problems; stomachaches; television; toilet training. PART "Allies in Development" explains the important role of each person in your child's fathers; mothers; friends; caregivers; grandparents; doctor.