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The Traveler's Gift Journal by Andy Andrews (2004) UNUSED!



Hardcover in Very Good (VG) condition. Unused! Clean and straight.

As the perfect companion to "The Traveler's Gift," this journal will help to make the seven decisions for personal success your own. Most of us can relate to protagonist David Ponder's yearning for success, and this book gives you the opportunity to record your own experiences as you internalize these decisions-just as David did in his travels.

The journal is comprised of seven sections, one for each of the seven decisions for personal success, and is filled with quotes from the book and guided questions to direct readers to mapping their way toward their full potential. "The Traveler's Gift Journal "used together with the novel will prove to be a powerful combination for all who seek success.

A sampling of the seven decisions for personal success are: The buck stops here. I will seek wisdom. I am a person of action.