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The Quindecile: The Astrology and Psychology of Obsession by Ricki Reeves


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Paperback in Very Good (VG) condition. Please see our guide to book conditions for more details. 

We like to think we are sensible beings who base our actions on conscious decisions. The fact is, all of us are subject to the occasional irrational impulse, the "wild hair" that surprises us and those around us. Usually, this is not a big problem -- in fact, it can act as a safety valve for our creative abilities and a check against unnecessary self-restriction. But it's not so healthy when we find ourselves driven by compulsions and obsessions that seem to take over our lives and consume our attention and energy. How can we discover the origins of these forces? Can we turn them into something constructive? Astrology provides a key to these questions in the quindecile. This newly researched 165-degree aspect of hidden driving forces is thoroughly explored in these pages by an experienced astrologer and mental health professional. Numerous chart examples support the analysis of the quindecile in natal, transit, progressed, and synastry horoscopes. A full set of delineations and interpretations lets you quickly add this illuminating factor to your understanding of any chart. In these pages, you will explore: * The psychological dynamics of obsession-compulsion * Planetary dynamics by sign, element, and triplicity * The quindecile in natals, progressions, transits, and synastry * A full reference section of interpretations and delineations * Numerous chart examples of well-known people You will find that The Quindecile not only points out the nature of inner compulsions, but also suggests ways to transform them into constructive, creative activities and projects.