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The Marsh Hawk by Dawn Mactavish (2007)



Mass Market Paperback in Very Good (VG) condition. 

It was to be a gala three-day event at Moorhaven Manor, the rambling country estate of Lady Jenna Hollingsworth's betrothed, Viscount Rupert Marner. To be attended by half the Cornish nobility, not to mention a host of peers from London, it would be a diversion of picnicking, riding, archery and shooting. It would end in Jenna marrying another.

But was her new husband the same man who had killed her father? After one night of passion, she began to wonder. The jarring aroma of leather, tobacco and recently drunk wine drifting toward her on the breeze—she remembered it so well, as well as the tall, muscular shape beneath the multi-caped greatcoat and those eyes of blue fire through the holes in his mask. Oh yes, she remembered that man with whom she shared a secret past. He was the highwayman known as...The Marsh Hawk.