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The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: The Movie Storybook by Kate Egan, Ann Peacock, Andrew Adamson (Director), C.S. Lewis



FIRST EDITION. Hardcover in Good Condition

An ordinary game of hide-and-seek leads to the discovery of a lifetime! Before they know it, Lucy Pevensie and her siblings have traveled through a dusty old wardrobe and entered the magical land of Narnia. Once in Narnia, the real adventure begins as Peter, Susan and Lucy race to save their brother Edmund from the White Witch, the evil Queen. With help from the kind creatures of Narnia, the Pevensies seek out Aslan, the mysterious Great Lion, who is their only hope in the struggle against the White Witch.

With this photo-packed retelling of the movie, you too can travel through the wardrobe and visit the magical land of Narnia.