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The Clique #5: The Pretty Committee Strikes Back by Lisi Harrison



Paperback in Good (G) condition. Light wear. 

The girls of Octavian Country Day pack up their warmest cashmere coats and their tiniest iPods and board the bus for a President’s Day class trip to Lake Placid. But bears aren’t the only scary thing out in those woods. The Briarwood Boys are staying in a cabin just a few yards away, which means the girls in Massie’s Underground Clinic for Kissing (M.U.C.K) might have to find the guts to put their money where their well-glossed mouths are. Kristen can’t afford to go on the trip, but that’s not about to stop her. Dylan’s mom is smooching her history teacher. Alicia’s crush Josh has his eye on someone else. And Claire is about to do whatever it takes to get Cam back.