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Sweet Valley Twins #8: First Place by Francine Pascal (1987)


Vintage paperback in Fine (FN) condition. Looks new and unread! RARE book in this quality! (Stock photo, actual book is in new condition.)

Lila Fowler, the snobbiest girl in Sweet Valley Middle School, has gotten her own beautiful horse--and she doesn't seem to care. Elizabeth Wakefield thinks it's not fair. Elizabeth absolutely adores horses, so much that she'll go as far as pretending to be friends with snotty Lila. She'll even do all of Thunder's grooming--just for the chance to ride him every day.

Elizabeth's behavior makes her twin sister, Jessica, furious. Jessica accuses Elizabeth of trying to steal her best friend away. And that's not all Elizabeth is doing! She's deceiving everyone at the stable and is making trouble for her closest friend, Amy. Just how far will Elizabeth go before she loses everything--all for the love of a horse?