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Super Simple Paper Airplanes: Step-By-Step Instructions to Make Planes That Really Fly From a Tri-Plane to a Jet Fighter by Nick Robinson


Paperback in Good (G) condition. Cover is a bit scuffed, but pages are clean and straight. 

Set your imagination flying--with 40 different types of paper airplanes that range from super-simple to sophisticated-looking. There's no need for glue, scissors, or tape; just follow the directions on choosing and folding the paper, and use the principles of flight to get great results. Start with some classic designs, including the dart, basic glider, and gliding toy. Try a modern canard glider, which has stabilizers on the front to create extra lift. For something extra-aerobatic, make a stunt plane that will loop the loop, and even return to you after you launch it. Other high-flying choices include a bomber and a snub-nosed delta. Stunning color photographs of the finished models, plus detailed diagrams and hints, help novice pilots send them soaring.