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Strike Force 7 by Ian MacAlister (1974)



Mass Market Paperback in Fine (FN) unread condition. Photos are of actual book. 

They called him Jarrell. A gunrunner, a mercenary, a soldier of fortune who had spent most of his days on the wrong side of the law. But now someone important needed him. The wife and daughter of Simon Bishop had been kidnapped by Arab revolutionaries led by the infamous Bel Zaara. And Jarrell was tapped for the job of rescue. The women had been spirited away to the hidden caves deep in the wilds of Atlas Mountains. It would take an army of commandos to get them out. But Jarrell needed only seven - six men and a woman. Those seven, Jarrell knew, were going to be his last army. Win or lose, live or die. His last army, and his last operation. He wanted to do it right. A man like Jarrell couldn't miss - or could he?