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Standard Catalog of 4x4s 1945-2000 by Robert C. Ackerson


Softcover in Good (G) condition. Minor wear. Clean and straight. 

This comprehensive guide covers 55 years of American four-wheel drive vehicles including trucks, vans, sports sedans and sport utility vehicles.

This new edition of the standard catalog has updated information on AMC, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Jeep, International Scout, Dodge, GMC, Lincoln and other manufacturers. Featuring 300 new photos, as well as eight pages of color, the book is organized alphabetically by marque. Within each marques section, the various models are examined in chronological order to give readers a detailed and lively account of American 4x4 vehicles. Major attention is given to their historical development, annual model revisions, technical data, options and prices.

All 4x4 enthusiasts will find everything they need to know about their favorite off-road vehicle including identification numbers, model numbers, body types, production totals, highlights, plus other specifications.

-55 years of comprehensive 4x4 coverage.
-Detailed body and engine specifications.
-More than 300 photos including a first-time full-color section.