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Stag and Unicorn, Ex-Libris Bookplates, Crafted on Traditional Gummed Paper, 3in x 4in, Set of 5

Condition Details: NEW! See pictures!



Introducing our exquisite Ex Libris: Stag & Unicorn. A symphony of elegance and charisma, this gummed paper ex libris showcases a captivating vintage engraving that unites the grace of a stag and the enchantment of a unicorn.

Step into a realm where noble creatures converge, their timeless presence an ode to the beauty of literature. The intricate detailing of the engraving captures the essence of bygone eras, where legends and stories intertwined with the pages of cherished books.

The 'Stag & Unicorn' bookplate whispers the promise of adventure and inspiration, igniting your literary journey with a touch of magic. Personalize this ex libris to make it uniquely yours, a testament to your love for the written word and the allure of these mythical beings.

Crafted with the highest quality materials and designed to last for generations, this ex libris is an investment in your library and a tribute to the enduring legacy of Alphonse Mucha. Add it to your collection today and enjoy its beauty for years.

Bookplates are ideal for safeguarding the volumes in your library and make a unique and thoughtful gift.

Bookplates are crafted on 50# White English Finish Gummed Paper and hand-cut to size. Gummed paper is coated with an adhesive backing that requires water to activate (similar to traditional stamps). Once the adhesive is activated, the paper will adhere to the front pastedown of your book.

Historically, bookplates have been printed on gummed paper for various reasons. First, the glue is water-soluble and can be removed by steaming or wetting without damaging your book. Second, gummed paper dries flat and without residue, eliminating the waste of sticker adhesive backings. Third, the finished bookplate has a refined look and feel.


• Dimensions: 4in x 3in, 10.16cm x 7.62cm
• Substrate: 50# White English Finish Gummed Paper
• Adhesive: Moisture/Water activated
• Quantity: 5 Bookplates
• Each bookplate ships in a hardback envelope with instructions.
• Each bookplate is handcrafted and cut to size and may vary slightly from the rest


On a clean surface, moisten the back of the bookplate with a damp sponge. The bookplate will curl up a little; this is normal. Affix the moistened bookplate where desired, smoothing the paper from the center outwards to eliminate any creases and wrinkles. Gummed paper dries flat and smooth. I recommend you perform a test on a paper surface before applying it to your book to get a feel for the moisture/glue. Don't moisten the front of the bookplate, as inks are not waterproof. If you opted for blank bookplates, write your name in before applying. Store unused bookplates in a dark, dry place.


A bookplate is sometimes called an ex-libris meaning "from the books of" in Latin. The earliest known example, dated 1480, is the bookplate of Hilprand Brandenburg, a Carthusian monk. At first, most bookplates were designed to safeguard the property of nobles; thus, they were adorned with coats of arms and other indicators of inherited prestige. This was the case through the 18th century, though styles changed with artistic trends. The 19th century saw the rise of the middle class. Scholars, professionals, and other educated individuals became interested in bookplates and commissioned works in a pictorial vein. Since then, ex libris have been used to denote personal property and as a form of personal expression. Since ex-libris stamps were generally never seen by the public, the artwork varied tremendously from intimate erotic scenes to darkly expressionistic styles.