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Space: 1999 Astral Quest by John Rankine (1976)


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Mass Market Paperback in Fine (FN) unread condition. Photos are of actual book. 


The undaunted Alphans are threatened by alien terrors as they challenge the ghostly forces of the galaxy!

When an ancient space scientist dies, he leaves Alpha his legacy -- a futuristic Frankenstein whose need for companionship may trap John Koenig for eternity....Alpha answers a cry for help and boards a huge vessel swarming with natives whose survival is horrifying....Emotions explode when four Alphans meet an uncanny space demon and only one lives to tell about it...And the Alphans discover the desolate planet that spread the first seeds of life on Earth.

Contains the episodes "The Infernal Machine", "Mission of the Darians", "Dragon's Domain", and "Testament of Arkadia"